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Transformation isn't easy, but it's exciting!
And so possible.

Imagine being and doing much more of what you just know is inside you!

It can happen. Now in fact.

Something powerful happens with an intentional space, time carved out to listen to God and your own heart, and with a guide and traveling companions

who are for you and with you. 

Destination Deep-Dive is a 12-week experience of inner exploration towards acting further on our God-given purposes. 

Cary Umhau will be your cheerleader and guide. 

Let's do this together!

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This is the time to act!

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We'll explore what we need for the journey ahead and then soar!

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Twelve sessions begin March 1 and run until May 31, Tuesdays, 5:30 to 7 pm EST (tentative dates)

Cost is $450 USD (about $12/hour for the time you will be engaged in class and customized homework) or $500 if you choose two payments.

Weekly 1.5 hour Zoom group
Motivated women asking similar questions
Multi-media teaching sessions
Group conversation
Personal reflection
Depth and levity
"Choose your own adventure" homework (accessed on Teachable)
Nothing forced or cheesy

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Testimonials about

Destination Deep-Dive

What other women had to say:

I loved the mixture of music, quotes, documentary recommendations, letters to self, podcasts … the ever-changing mediums kept it fresh and fun and maintained my interest…. And Cary’s sense of humor, which I LOVE, helped me stay present at the end of a long day of work. Her balance of wisdom and levity made the process feel really safe to me.

Wendy Osborn, Charlotte, NC

This was countercultural and “unAmerican” in the sense of inviting us to quit performing and be with God, focused on "being" not "doing." It was a beautiful combo of left brain/right brain activities, a mishmash of senses and ways of thinking. 

My advice: Be “all in”… trust Cary, trust God!

Shannon Campanelli, Charlottesville, VA

It was helpful to reflect on little ways of clarity vs. big “I’ve got it” moments. There were repeated invitations to see little breadcrumbs (in my life) that I don’t tend to connect/see, mini invitations to pay attention, realizing that all the breadcrumbs are from the same loaf.

Susan Ward, Vienna, VA

The course is a marvelous combination of resources woven together by Cary’s special humor and ease of conversation about all matters, whether spiritual or not.

Julie H., Washington, DC

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An invitation

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Why you? Why this? Why now?

Simply put: why not?

You're here. I'm inviting you. God longs to meet you in the space we'll carve out. 

I (Cary) certainly wondered if I'd ever get past all the things that tripped me up and find the abundant life that Jesus promised. I wondered if I'd collapse at the finish line of life without ever having felt that I was in the flow of my life.

Over time and much inner work, I began to see that it was possible, that it IS possible to be part of things that are bigger than me.

Then I began to see how much fun it is to walk with other people who are on that same journey of discovering (or rediscovering) what they were put on the planet to do.

And I began leading others through this experience in multiple venues and formats.

And there'd be nothing more fun than cheerleading for YOU as you awaken again to what you love and where you can serve on this crazy planet that sure does need each of us to step out in love and action.

It's a road trip into a future of hope. The destination is a good one. 

Come on! It won't be the same without you. Apply now.

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Applying is super easy.

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