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Answers to Your Questions

What am I committing to?

Twelve weeks. 1.5 hours each week. Attending each time with video on, fully present.

"Homework" between sessions -- 1 to 2 hours or more (your choice), available week by week. You'll want space and time to go deeper into the material with some "choose your own adventure" elements.

There certainly is no punishment if you have to miss a week, but I ask that you apply for a later offering of this if you already know you are unable to attend more than one session.

What are the themes we are exploring?

You. God-designed you. 

I believe that God created each of us with what we need for the purposes He has for us on this earth. Life often shakes some of it out of us when we hit bumps and walls. 

We'll explore what you love, long for, enjoy. We'll ask what makes your heart sing and ache. We'll look back at childhood and see what got dropped that you might want to pick back up. 

We'll ask questions about your context, your opportunities, your gifts, where you could stretch and imagine even more.

What does it cost?

The cost is your commitment, your energy and vulnerability, and $450 (or $500 if two payments).

(I'm asking you to read my book, below. That is a small extra cost. But you can always resell it.)

What should I do to prepare?

Begin praying, telling God you are open to wherever He might lead.

Read "Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel," a memoir I wrote. It's a two-hour read (or "listen" on Kindle) and is available at Indiebound, at Amazon (if you have to!), and from me directly. It's a story that outlines a bit of where we are going together, or at least what it looked like in my life. It will provide context and a common frame of reference.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since this group is designed with a particular group size in mind for maximum engagement and a sense of emotional safety, it's a real loss to the group if someone has to leave.

For a true emergency, I'll work with you for a pro-rated refund. For any other decision not to complete the course, unfortunately I don't offer refunds.

The application process is designed to help us both assess if you and the course are a fit for each other and to help you decide if you can truly make the commitment at this time.

I want to do it. Now what?

One more step. Go back a page and then click "Then email me to express interest." I'll reply and put you on the list to receive the application when it becomes available February 1. After you apply, I'll reply within a couple of days and confirm your spot (or let you know if I think our expectations are a mismatch). Then I'll send you a page to pay.

I'm super excited to imagine the joy of being in the group together with other cool women and to expect the inevitable transformation available to each of us.

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